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Blackthorn Derby-Reduced & Polished
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Blackthorn Derby-Reduced & Polished
  • Blackthorn Derby-Reduced & Polished
  • Blackthorn Derby-Reduced & Polished
  • Complimentary Wrist Strap
Blackthorn Derby-Reduced & Polished

Reduced and Polished Blackthorn Irish Walking Cane with Derby Handle

Price: $275.00 $249.99
United Kingdom

Polished Burl of Blackthorn wood: Brilliant

This derby handle blackthorn Irish walking cane features a reduced and polished shaft revealing the marvelous burled grain of the famous blackthorn.  The shaft is genuine blackthorn, a highly sought-after wood that is heavier and stronger than hazel and treasured for its fascinating grain patterns. This is a  walking cane which appeals to those with an interest in unusual woods and a sense of style. 

Available in both Standard size shaft/handle as well as Petite/Slim.  Both are eligible for custom sizing (gratis) to your chosen size <36".

one of our most popular canes!

The blackthorn has had its bark removed, reduced, and then polished to produce a very smooth finish and give a beautiful sheen. The grain pattern for this specimen is clearly visible. The maple wood used for the derby cane handle is a premium hardwood prized for its natural luster, attractive grain, and rich warm glow.

Like a trusted friend this blackthorn derby walking cane will age well and inspire long walks.

  • Handle: Maple
  • Shaft: Blackthorn, reduced (bark removed) and polished
  • Accent ring: Brass
  • Length: 36 inch - can be cut to size
  • Weight: 10.5 oz (approximately)
  • Available in a standard shaft/hanlde or petite/slim (for smaller hands).
  • Complimentary wrist strap: Can be removed
  • Tip: Rubber traction tip with steel insert for durability
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