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Rollz Motion Travel Cover

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Rollz International introduces a new accessory for the Rollz Motion, the Rollz Travel Cover.  Whether you find yourself shopping in the city or taking a long holiday, the Rollz Motion user travels a lot. And that's good, because that's exactly for what the Rollz Motion is obviously intended.

Because the Rollz Motion folds into a compact package, it is very easy to take it anywhere you travel. To prevent damage which may occur during your trip Rollz comes with a new accessory: the Rollz Travel Cover. With this handy and stylish accessory the Rollz Motion can be safely carried in the hold of an aircraft, on the cruise boat or in the trunk of your car.

  • Unique design of the travel cover allows it to integrate "as one" during transport with the Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair package.
  • The Travel Cover is easy to roll up and secure with the mounting strip to the frame of the Rollz Motion and is always at your fingertips.
  • The two zippers at the top of the Rollz Travel Cover allow the handles and brakes of the Rollz Motion in the Travel Cover to operate. This allows the user the ability to push and park the Rollz Motion if and when needed.
  • Address label for luggage tag provided "just in case" of your Rollz becomes misplaced.
  • The Rollz Travel Cover is made ​​of sturdy material and easy to clean.
Rollz Motion Shopper Travel Bag

Rollz Motion Shopper Travel Bag

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