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Telescoping Measurement Rod accessory
Telescoping Measurement Rod accessory
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seca 224 Telescoping Height Measurement Rod

Price: $219.99

Measuring rod for seca column scales

This telescopic measuring rod can be mounted on various seca column scales. Its side mounting position allows the measuring device to always be positioned centrally above the head, thus enabling trouble-free measurement.
  • Measurements are easy to read, thanks to the color-coded markings on the side of the rod.
  • The rod is made of durable aluminum.
  • Scratch-resistant scale made with a high-quality screen printing process.
  • Side-mounted telescopic measuring rod for seca column scales.
  • Measuring range measuring rod 24 - 78 inch/60 - 200 cm
  • Graduation measuring rod 1/8 inch/1 mm
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 2.2 x 58.3 x 11.3 inch/55 x 1,480 x 286 mm
  • Dimensions spacer (WxHxD) 10.2 x 3.5 x 2.0 inch/260 x 90 x 50 mm
  • Net Weight 3.1 lbs/1.4 kg
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