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Lion's Head Stick
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Lion's Head Stick
  • Lion's Head Stick
  • Wrist strap INCLUDED
Lion's Head Stick

Silver Lion's Head Walking Stick

Price: $249.99 $229.99
Italy Founder's Favorite

The Regal Lion's Head walking stick.

Custom made and mounted in the romantic hills of Italy, the .925 sterling silver lions head handle reaches back far into history.  Honoring royalty, this regal knob is handsomely mounted on a beechwood shaft with a silver collar.  The shaft tapers from 3/4" to 5/8" for a sleek profile that just "works".  The natural beechwood shaft is hand lacquered with seven coats of black lacquer for a brilliant finish. Note: this cane is not for heavy orthopedic use, good for balance and lighter support as your walking accessory.

Custom made item.

HALLMARK EXPLANATION: The Italian-made handle is hallmarked 'R925': the European hallmark for silver that has been applied in a layer over a moulded head. The R stands for 'rivestito', Italian for 'covered'. The '925' means that the metal used contains at least 925 parts pure silver to each 1000 parts. European '925 silver' is the same quality of silver that in the UK is referred to as 'sterling silver'.
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