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Stimulite Silver Cushion
Stimulite Silver Cushion
  • Stimulite Silver Cushion
  • Silver Cushion from Supracor with Stimulite
Stimulite Silver Cushion

Silver Seat Cushion with Stimulite by Supracor

Price: $189.99
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Comfort rich Stimulite material.

Be comfortable at the ballpark, beach or concert with the Stimulite silver cushion from SupracorĀ®. Two layers of honeycomb provide uniform weight distribution while circulating air and evaporating moisture.


Lightweight, 1.5" thick and washable.


Supracor is the originator of fusion-bonded honeycomb technology, a flexible form of aerospace honeycomb utilized in products that promote the health and safety of people and animals.

Supracor's StimuliteĀ® Honeycomb is the basis of a revolutionary line of wheelchair cushions and mattresses for the prevention and healing of pressure sores. Its award-winning Cool GripĀ® saddle pads help prevent sore backs in horses and its rejuvenating personal care and fitness products are clean, safe and uniquely comfortable.

Found in exclusive department stores, including Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and at the world's finest hotels, Supracor's fabulous bath, body and spa products cleanse, exfoliate and massage for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

A versatile, engineered material, Supracor's shock-absorbing honeycomb can be found in high-performance applications such as bullet-proof vests, sports protective equipment and bumpers for amusement park rides.

Supracor's products are exclusively made in California's Silicon Valley from American-made, recyclable materials.

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