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ladies blacthorn derby cane
ladies blacthorn derby cane
  • ladies blacthorn derby cane
  • Includes wrist strap!
ladies blacthorn derby cane

Slim Derby Handle Blackthorn wood Walking Cane

Price: $129.99
United Kingdom

A more petite Derby Handle Blackthorn

For a refined rustic country look there's no better than our genuine Blackthorn wood walking cane.  Now for smaller hands and profiles we offer a comfortable yet slightly more diminutive ergonomic derby handle mounted on a genuine blackthorn shaft. Elegant brass banding at the joinery completes this wonderful ensemble where country-meets-town quite superbly.

This walking cane makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love.  AgeWell with the gift of a unique walking cane from the ELDERLUXE collection, a great gift for anyone requiring a little extra help on their daily walks of life, for senior adults living independently, those injured and those who want to accessorize with a bit more discriminating taste.

Custom size (<36") upon request. Includes complimentary Rope Wrist Strap.


  • Genuine Blackthorn wood, imported from the UK
  • Limited supply, seasonal
  • Hardwood derby handle
  • Brass banding at joinery
  • Rubber tip
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