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Multi-content Digital Reader
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Multi-content Digital Reader
  • Multi-content Digital Reader
  • SmartLuxe Video Magnifier
  • SliM Profile
  • Large full screen, handy size
  • 5 Different Viewing Modes
  • Tuckaway stand for stowage
  • SmartLux Digital Hand-held Video Magnifier
  • View clearly and easily with SmartLux
Multi-content Digital Reader

SmartLux Digital Hand-held Video Magnifier by Eschenbach

Price: $599.99 On Sale $589.99
Germany Idea for You!

SmartLux Magnifier from Eschenbach

Electronic video magnifiers are not inexpensive and many times cumbersome pieces of equipment for the tabletop.  Now from Eschenbach, the SmartLux Digital handheld video magnifier #1650-1 is a revolutionary, portable device that has a multitude of features, and all for a very economical price.
The large 5" LCD TFT display provides 5x, 7x, 9x, or 12x magnification (even less when used in hand-held mode) along with 5 different viewing modes that include full color, black on white, white on black, black on yellow, and yellow on black.  Illumination is provided by 2 hi-tech SMD LEDs and the tactile control buttons are easy to understand and use.  Images can be captured and up to 20 can be stored.
The SmartLux Digital features a generous depth of focus and includes a stand that, when placed in its fully extended position, is ideal for reading. When placed in its half-extended position, it is ideal for writing. The two small SMD-LEDs on the underside of the device can be switched off when viewing other back lit displays, such as cell phones, to avoid screen glare.
The screen is hard-coated for protection and is made with an additional anti-glare layer of film.  The device is completely portable at a lightweight of 7.8 ounces and fits in a purse or large pocket.  Simple control buttons are symbolically marked and there are only 3 to learn:  On/Off, Magnification setting, and the Contrast Mode.  There is a 2-year warranty.
There is an automatic shut-off feature that will activate between 2 and 5 minutes of non use to save battery time.  The SmartLux Digital is ideal for anyone who is visually impaired and wants an economical, portable video magnifier!

  • Display: 5 inch LCD TFT display with contrast ratio 600:1
  • Magnification: 5x, 7x, 9x, and 12x
  • Color Modes: Full color, black on white, white on black, black on yellow, yellow black
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Dimensions: 3½ in W x 6½ in L x 1¼ in H
  • Power: Rechargeable; power cord with attachments included
  • Run Time: Operating time is 2½ hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Auto Shut-Off Feature: Yes, after 5 minutes of non use
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