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Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
  • Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
  • Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
  • Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
  • Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
  • Standers™ Assist-A-Tray
Standers™ Assist-A-Tray

Stander Assist-A-Tray

Price: $199.99
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Assist-a-Tray, not your average TV Tray

The Stander Assist-a-Tray makes standing and sitting easy, giving you a helpful handle on getting up and down.

With its ergonomic safety handle it can be used with a lift chair, couch or even a standard chair or recliner.  The Stander Assist-A-Tray is a multi-use laptop or reading table or TV tray and it even has a cupholder and utensil compartment.  The Assist-A-Tray adjusts in length and height to fit either side of your furniture and it is easy to assemble, with no hassle and no additional tools required.   For active aging adults, it comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by. And like all of our products, it blends in with your living-room (like another piece of furniture) so you can maintain the comforting feeling of your home. The tray is perfect for your laptop, crafts or dining.  

The Assist-a-Tray is a must have for anyone with impaired balance, back pain or recent surgery. Now you or your loved one can sit down or stand up from your favorite recliner or sofa with ease and comfort. The Stander Assist-A-Tray is a great gift to yourself or someone for whom you care.

View the Assist-a-Tray Manual HERE

The Stander Assist-A-Tray

  • An Adjustable, Pivoting Tray and Mobility Handle for any Couch, Chair or Recliner
  • The Assist-A-Tray features a sturdy handle for safety when getting in or out of a sitting position and a handy multi-use swivel tray.  The tray adds a bit of luxury and utility not found in other assists and swivels 360 degrees, so it never hinders mobility.   Fully adjustable in both height and length, the Assist-A-Tray can be used by people of varying heights in the same home.
  • Ergonomic safety handle provides balance, making standing and sitting easier and safer
  • Swivel tray can be used as a laptop or TV tray and features a cup holder and utensil compartment for dining, and pivots out of the way when not in use
  • Adaptable design adjusts to fit either side of your favorite couch or chair
  • Super Grip Rubber Pads: Ensure stability and protect your floor from damage
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: No tools required!

The Stander Assist-A-Tray

  • Height adjustment of tray: 26 to 32 in
  • Height adjustment of handle: 34 to 40 in
  • Dimensions of handle: 6 x 6 in, 1.25 in. diameter
  • Base length adjustment: 20 to 36 in
  • Weight: 19.5 lb
  • Size of tray: 16 x 18 in
  • Base feet measurements: 4 x 7 in
  • Weight limit of tray: 30 lb
  • Weight limit of handle: 250 lb

View the Assist-a-Tray Manual from Stander HERE


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