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Standers™ Lever Extender
Standers™ Lever Extender
  • Standers™ Lever Extender
  • Standers™ Lever Extender
  • Standers™ Lever Extender
Standers™ Lever Extender

Stander Recliner Lever Extender

Price: $26.99
With the StanderTM Lever Extender for recliners and reclining sectionals, raising the leg rest is easy again. Do you have trouble reaching your recliner handle? Or maybe you need a little more leverage as you try to raise and lower yourself in the recliner... The solution to your problem has come with the Stander brand recliner Lever Extender.

The Lever Extender adds 6 inches and a wide solid gripping surface to your recliner chair handle. When you are relaxing in your favorite recliner chair, do you have trouble reaching and pulling on that little handle to put your feet up? Put that recliner lever within easy reach with the Lever Extender from Stander.  It is constructed out of heavy duty steel but weighs only 1½ pounds and features a 4 bolt attachment that ensures a secure fit to most recliner handles.
Solid steel with a soft grip handle and padded interior protects the handle of the chair. The Lever Extender's easy adjustment and secure fit works with all types of recliners. No assembly required, tool included for placement.

Stander presents the Recliner Lever Extender handle:

  • Convenient: Puts handle within easy reach with an extra 6 in
  • Adds Leverage: Makes raising and lowering the leg rest easy
  • Durable: Made of heavy duty steel
  • Padded Design: Protects chair handle
  • Secure Fit: Four bolt attachment method
  • Allen Wrench Included: No additional tools required
  • Length of Handle: 9 in
  • Width of Handle: 7 in
  • Weight: 2 lb
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