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Genuine English Hazel wood walking stick

3 Reviews
Great, after modifications
Oct 19, 2013

I was disappointed that the walking stick was too short, even though I requested a certain length. The strap came off almost immediately, so I had to re-tack to the stick. I also had to extend the length by an inch to make it usable. I also added a coat of tung oil, to protect the surface. After my modifications, it is a great addition to my cane and walking sticks that I use on a daily basis. {Concierge NOTE: Unfortunately these sticks only come in 36"- we can always shorten them, we just can't lengthen them.}

excellent walking stick
By Kristi
Jul 12, 2013

My daughter-in-law has come by a severe health issue. She didn't want a cane but I bought her two canes one being the English Hazelwood Walking Cane. She says the cane is sturdy and holds her up. I will be looking to buy another cane for her and this was a great purchase.

Classy Walking Stick
By Juan Z
Jan 12, 2013

Just got the walking stick last week, but it feels as if I had it a wile back. My knee surgeon suggested that I get a walking stick before my knee replacement in a week. I expect to use it in my rehab and beyond, Great purchase from a classy supplier. The leather strap is icing on the cake.

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