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GT-C Carbon Fiber Crook Cane

3 Reviews
By K. Gene Zerkel
Sep 01, 2013

i received the new cane, and I am delighted with it. I have many different canes, with different handles. The best by far is your carbon fiber with the crook handle. I do use a heavier wood came when I am out doing barn work, but the best overall is your carbon fiber with the crook. I have both black and the mahogany colors, and they are the best. I mentioned before, I am 87 years old, and must use a cane to walk, so thanks again for making it easier. Gene

87 year old man
By K. Gene Zerkel
Aug 31, 2013

i have purchased my 2nd carbon cane. I collect canes, and have 14 different canes. The only one i use is the carbon fiber crook cane I purchased from you. They are very light weight, easy to handle on gravel, grass, stairs & carpet. I have to use a cane, and this is IT.

87 year old man
By gene zerkel
Jul 28, 2013

i had difficulty placing my order, and almost gave up. It took me three days to get some one to talk to, and place my order. Thereafter it was good. The cane arrived promptly, and I enjoy very much. I ave a Harvy carbon fiber cane, I like it's diameter the best, but they do not have the crook handle, which in my opinion is a necessity. I like the cane I purchased from you very much. I use ut all the time now, the rest of my Danes(9) are in my cane can. Thank you K. Gene Zerkel

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