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Access Active Deluxe Rollator

4 Reviews
Ideal Rollator
By Joanne
Jul 12, 2018

This rollator allows me to walk in an upright position inside instead of behind the walker. With the seat tilted upward, I can walk up to a counter. This is definitely the best walker/rollator that I have owned and I highly recommend it.

Simply The Cadillac of Walkers
By Robert gates
Jun 22, 2017

This Rollator is stronger, more versatile, has a smoother motion, and easier to adjust in seconds, than any other rollator/walker we have tried. It is built for northern climates where snow is an issue as well, and we have ordered the skis accessory. They are very broad and work well. The service of Elderluxe has been very good, and are trustworthy and straight forward in their service. We were not charged any Canadian customs fees or taxes.

the ATV of walkers
By mullenbunch
Jun 28, 2016

I am 49 and have been living with a spinal cord injury for 3 & a half years. I've had this walker for a year and a half now and it enables me to walk over gravel, grass, curbs, etc. I have even been able to return to doing the 5K races that I used to love. I'm able to have a more normal life with this rollator. It is heavier than some other walkers and I do wish it had locking brakes for more stability while sitting, but for the price it is just great! CONCIERGE NOTE/Reply: The Active does have locking brakes. Simply/gently push them into the down position prior to sitting in order to "lock" the brakes. Please see page 6 of the manual here: Cheers!

By Jayk
Aug 22, 2015

I am 43 and have MS. Was looking for a walker that I was more in as opposed to behind the walker as with the drive products. This is perfect. Easy fold however it is slightly heavier than other walkers. But with no wires out I don't get caught on anything. The large tires helped me on grass, gravel and smooth surfaces. This is an excellent product.

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