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GT-TT Adjustable Carbon Fiber Folding Travel Cane

4 Reviews
Fiber Folding Travel Cane
By Dr Dan
Feb 02, 2016

The cane is right sized, works fine, stows away nicely. However, I didn't want a cane with esstentially a plastic handle. The attempt to make it look nice was ok, but it still has a clear plastic look (cheap). In the picture it looks like real wood. For the price the handle should be a nice wood.

Slip Sliding Away
By Bob
Jul 10, 2015

The cane is nice but I found it quite dangerous on a wet tile floor. The "fancy" cane tip provided with the cane has a curved contact area providing about a 1/4 to 3/8 inch O.D. contact area with the floor. It doesn't take much sideways force to loose control of the cane. I replaced the tip with a standard after market replacement tip with a flat 1 3/8 inch diameter flat bottom. ++Concierge Response: "Thank you for your insight! While you should always be careful on wet floors with ANY cane or crutch, we will look at replacement tips for this model. Enjoy your new cane, safely."

The long and short of it
By Anth
Mar 16, 2014

This is a beautiful walking cane, elegant and quite handy in its purpose of transitioning me from a regular cane support to none. I keep it in my satchel or even coat pocket. It is light, durable and strong. My only concern is that, on the last level allowed, it's a bit too short for my 6 foot frame. I can extend it beyond, but then risk having the handle spit out of the shaft. Otherwise, a very good purchase

Really nice purchase
By LongLastName
Sep 14, 2013

My wife wanted a cane, but continually procrastinated. I decided to take care of things. I did a lot of on-line searching, and finally decided on this cane. My wife was really pleased, and I was quite satisfied with the purchase process altogether. I'll shop here first if I need another cane.

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