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Trio Maxi: 3 Colors from which to Choose!
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Trio Maxi: 3 Colors from which to Choose!
  • Trio Maxi: 3 Colors from which to Choose!
  • Trio Maxi opens up to a comfort seat
  • Traditional Hunter Green
  • Rich Midnight Black
  • Choco Lab Brown
Trio Maxi: 3 Colors from which to Choose!

Trio Maxi Tripod seat cane

Price: $99.00 $72.99
United Kingdom Founder's Favorite

British Spectator seat: A cane with folding comfort seat.

A simple yet sturdy invention brought over from England for those who like to travel about. Here, the Trio Maxi, a three-legged folding seat that can also be used as a walking stick has been seen at the British polo fields for decades and now available for your comfort.

  • The legs are made from polished aluminium; the plastic seat is made from a robust plastic in a choice of 3 hues.
  • The overall walking height is 84cm (33").
  • The seat height when opened out is 57.5cm (22.5").
  • This is a very practical and durable seat stick that will become an indispensable aid for support and balance. The maximum user weight is approx 275lbs (125kg or 19 1/2 stone).
  • Item weight is 1.9lbs. (860g).
Folding seat canes are not suitable orthopedic aids for any person with substantial mobility impairment.
  • Straddle the seat cane post/shaft with legs on either side. 
  • Sit down slowly. 
  • Ensure you center your weight squarely over the seat.
  • All legs of the cane should be at the same height.
  • Rocking back and forth can be dangerous due to balance and stability.
  • DO NOT stand on seat, or allow anyone else to do so. 
  • Young children should not attempt to use this as a seat.
  • DO NOT utilize this type of cane on gravel or uneven surfaces.
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