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Umbrella and cane combination
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Umbrella and cane combination
  • Umbrella and cane combination
  • the Umbrella Cane Combo
  • the Umbrella Cane Combo
  • the Umbrella Cane Combo
Umbrella and cane combination

Umbrella Cane Combo

Price: $129.99 On Sale $99.99

How do you use your umbrella as a cane, when it rains?

Finally, the answer!  Anyone who has used an umbrella for support while walking has pondered this. Introducing a right-smart combination of premium umbrella with retractable cane that allows you to pull the cane out of its umbrella "sheath" to keep your journey going while shielding you from the elements.

The Umbrella Cane combo!

Thus- use both your cane and umbrella simultaneously as you stroll along, rain or shine.

Some love having this unique accessory by their side, disguising the functional need for a cane, with their parasol in hand "just in case".

"Keep one in every car, and certainly one at home"- the Concierge

Includes a FREE walking cane wrist strap with our compliments!

Note this cane is best for balance and is not suitable for heavy(ier) orthopedic support duty.

The Umbrella Cane Combo

  • Can be separated into 2 pieces: cane and umbrella
  • Overall combo length: 35 in
  • Cane length: 34 in
  • Umbrella diameter (open): 48 in
  • Manual operation of umbrella


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