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Maddox™ Rocker Knife
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Maddox™ Rocker Knife
  • Maddox™ Rocker Knife
  • Maddox™ Rocker Knife
Maddox™ Rocker Knife

Verti-Grip Rocker Knife

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Handy cutting tool: Verti-Grip Knife

The Verti-Grip knife is simply the worlds best cutting tool for anyone with hand limitations-period.  Its vertical design is specifically designed for one handed use or those with limited hand strength.

The Verti-grip Knife needs mostly downward pressure and minimal rocking motion to cut. The weighted blade with its hollow ground 440 stainless steel edge assures minimal effort over the toughest jobs in the kitchen or the dinner plate. Its success is due to a vertical axial plane design that provides exceptional control when pushing down, limiting slippage and increasing force. Other rocking knives are designed on a horizontal plane requiring a good grip to keep them upright and much more force to achieve a cutting action.

Keep hands safe, while powering through

The Verti-grip's tall handle keeps hands and fingers safely suspended above the cutting area. The grove notch at the top provides a thumb index centering the hand above the blade for single hand use. In addition, the handle provides plenty surface area for two hands to clasp the sides of the handle and generate cutting force.
The Verti-Grip Professional Helper knife is attractive and subtle in design, appropriate for any formal dinner place setting and equally adept to accompany one to the local steak house.
  • For one handed or limited hand strength.
  • Perfect in the kitchen or the dinner plate.
  • Handle stays grippy when wet or covered with oil.
  • Vertical axial plane design:  Limited slip and increased force.
  • Comes with a snap-on snap-off Kydex sheath for easy safe storage.


  • Weight: 3.75 oz (106 g).
  • Overall Length:6.25 in (159mm).
  • Handle Length: 4.25 in (108 mm).
  • Blade Material: 440 stainless steel.
  • Handle Material: G-10.
  • Sheath Material: Kydex nylon.
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