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Shoehorn: Cherry
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Shoehorn: Cherry
  • Shoehorn: Cherry
  • Shoerhorn: Walnut
Shoehorn: Cherry

Vista Wooden extra-length Carved Wood Shoehorn

Price: $89.99 $68.99

A Beautiful Shoehorn in Asian Hardwood

Confounding sometimes, just putting your shoes on can be a burden in and of itself.

Traditional shoehorns do not take into consideration the range of motion required to perform such a task, but the Vista wooden shoehorn with extra-length handle and solid wood base provides an immediate solution.

A most wonderful addition to your dressing area, the ergonomically sound, solid wood shoehorn. Avoid bending over in an uncomfortable position.  Great for those with range of motion, hip or other muscular-skeletal issues, the cherry or walnut carved shoehorn with solid wooden base makes a great gift too.

  • 33"
  • Available in Walnut or Cherry wood
  • Solid Wood Base
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