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Wander the Umbrella Cane
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Wander the Umbrella Cane
  • Wander the Umbrella Cane
  • Use the cane And the Umbrella simultaneously
  • Wander the Umbrella Cane
  • wander umbrella cane handle closeup
Wander the Umbrella Cane

Wander the Umbrella Walking Cane

Price: $129.99 On Sale $99.99
United Kingdom

Aluminum sleeve protects a hidden umbrella

Discreet as a walking companion, this combination umbrella cane comes fully prepared for what mother nature may throw at you.  Lightweight and stylish, you're ready for anything, aren't you?

For cane, or rain, ready use in a moment's notice.

Simply twist off the handle and hidden inside this stout walking cane’s aluminum metal shaft is a full-sized umbrella. Lightweight yet sturdy, with handles made from solid wood with a warm walnut finish. The black umbrella includes a slipcover. The cane measures 35” and includes a solid rubber no-skid tip. Be prepared on your next stroll, come what may.


Umbrella Walking Cane

  • 35 in length overall
  • Umbrella: 44 in diameter (6 panels) x 28 in handle 
  • Umbrella stores inside cane, thus cane and umbrella can be used at the same time when it rains
  • Aluminum case
  • Reinforced suction grip rubber tip
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