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Boxer's Men's Front
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Boxer's Men's Front
  • Boxer's Men's Front
  • Men's Boxer-Black
  • Men's Boxer-White, ample front
  • Men's Boxer- black, back
  • Men's Boxer-White
  • Men's Boxer- Black profile
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  • Men's Brief White profile
  • Men's Brief Black profile
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Boxer's Men's Front

ProtechDry Men's Incontinence Boxers and Briefs

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Upscale Incontinence Underwear

ProtechDry® men's boxers and briefs are absorbent, incontinence undergarments created from a patented multifunctional fabric with a large capacity for absorption. Its use is similar to that of finer underwear.  Indeed, its genesis was from a fine lingerie company in Portugal. The hand on these unusually comfortable boxers and briefs will surprise you and feel terrific against your skin.  The special components for absorption also contain a material -silver- that effectively neutralizes any odor. 

ProtechDry is especially recommended for occurrences of ambulatory light urinary incontinence (urine losses of up to 40ml/day).

Light bladder leakage or mild urinary incontinence affects millions
It can be caused by a variety of conditions including prostate complications, urinary infections, pregnancy and childbirth, bladder stones, cancer, neurological damage caused by things like diabetes and Parkinson’s; or simply from just having weak bladder muscles.
There are a few solutions to this problem, but until now, they have been far from perfect.
ProtechDry® is a range of women’s and men’s washable cotton underwear that helps you effectively and stylishly manage light urinary incontinence.
Imported from Portugal
  • Machine wash and dry (machine washable up to 140F)
  • Ultra-absorbent (3 Oz) and dry in contact with the skin; waterproof outer layer and sealed seams prevent leaking
  • Neutralizes odors & Hypoallergenic
  • Discrete and comfortable; wears like normal underwear, made from cotton
  • Economic & environmentally friendly; saves money and the environment





  • Small        30-32"
  • Medium    33-35"
  • Large       36-38"
  • X-Large    39-41"
  • XXLarge   42-44"


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