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Desktop optical includes magnifiers, reading magnifiers, computer aided vision products, magnifier bars, desk sets, and other vision enhancing tools for aging well. Desktop optical and magnifiers are very popular. Some are specially designed “fixed focus” magnifiers that stand on a page allowing you to slide the magnifier across as you read the print. Note, however you may need to wear your reading glasses to get the clearest image. 

Some desktop magnifcation aids benefit from illumination which gives a good spread of even, bright light. The latest versions give a choice of light color such as daylight, natural light and yellow light. Alternatively you can use a separate task light (see lighting click HERE). 
They also have the advantage of maintaining the correct focal distance due to the built-in stand. While you can use a clipboard or book stand to create a flat surface, you should never lift a stand magnifier away from the page. 
When using a magnifier, make sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair and have the right amount of light. If you need more light, use a desk or floor standing light and make sure the light is positioned quite close to the page or task to be viewed. If you are using a magnifier and a task lamp at the same time it is essential that the light falls directly onto the task and not onto the magnifier, as it may cause disturbing reflections of the light in the magnifier lens or shadows on the page.

Desktop Optical
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