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Like other rooms in the home, the bedroom is a prime example of where comfort should meet both functionality AND safety. For caregivers we provide a number of bedroom safety items like bed rails, organizers and even leg lifters. We also offer beds and bed accessories to make your nighttime comfort the best that it can be, including pillows, wedges, bed caddies, reading pillows, book stands, remote controls and overbed tables, to name a few.  Finally, sometimes we need a little shorter distance than we'd like for relief in the middle of the night for which our better commodes and bedside toilets may fit the bill.

The bedroom is your oasis, consider the following as you set up your best bedroom within which your rest will help you AgeWELL©:

  • Have a handy telephone with quick dial capability for when you need someone, or something, fast.
  • Keep a flashlight nearby for times when power may go out; you don't want to trip through the night!
  • Do you have a nightlight? It's a good idea, even if it's a brighter alarm clock readout.  Small lights that light your pathway are especially helpful and smart.
  • Have an easy to read clock nearby, with loud alarm and possibly one that vibrates your pillow.  Make sure it has proper backup power in case of power outage.
  • Prepare a fire escape route from your bedroom
    • 2nd floor? you might need a portable ladder
    • Think about type of smoke alarms you have.  Is someone hard of hearing? There are several that ring louder as well as strobe a bright light for warning.
  • Keep reading glasses and audio helpers bedside, so you don't have to hunt around for them in the middle of the night, or day.
  • Use timers to turn off electric items like lights, electric blankets, and the TV.  If you snooze, don't lose!


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