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The most important piece of furniture most people own is their bed. Statistically, the average person spends one-third of their life there. Everyone sleeps, and some people spend all of their time in bed, so no one is exempt from the “Bed, Better, Best” conversation.

Mattress manufacturers, frame suppliers and furniture makers are currently in a mad dash to improve the ergonomics, comfort and style of the bed. Several new electronically controlled frames are now becoming readily available. Some of the advantages adjustable beds have over traditional mattresses are that they promote healthy posture and positioning, relieve pressure, aid circulation and, perhaps most importantly, offer customized support. These features help seniors remain independent, and caregivers and family members by allowing for easier transfers and access to lifts.

  • Ergonomically correct positions allow for the natural curvature of the spine during sleep, which is a major benefit.
  • Some discomfort that interrupts deep and restful sleep can be avoided. As the body adopts a more balanced posture, tension and discomfort in the muscles and joints often decreases.
  • Adjustable beds improve rest and relaxation.
  • Because an adjustable bed provides customized support to different areas of the body including the neck and head, lower back, legs and knees and feet and ankles, the customer’s comfort and rest will improve.
  • Adjustable beds are no longer just for medical purposes, injury or rehabilitation. Consider these health issues which can be alleviated by the advantages of adjustable beds: acid reflux, arthritis, asthma or other breathing problems, back/neck pain, heart problems, lack of joint mobility, lower back pain, minor aches and pains, neck and shoulder tension, osteoarthritis and swollen legs and feet. From the common cold and muscle pain to more critical needs, your customers can now have a bed that lasts and adjusts with them for a lifetime.

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