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Optical devices devised to be held by the user in the hand, including magnifying glasses, collectors magnifying optics, necklace magnifiers, electronic magifiers from our private collection, Eschenbach, Nemo, Ash and others. Hand Held Magnifiers are the most well-known type of magnifier and the most common type of magnifying glasses available.

Handheld magnifiers are the most commonly recognized. Easy to use, they are generally quite affordable, offering great value and available in different types and magnification strengths. Some have built-in illumination while others rely on natural light or task lighting. 
When using a handheld magnifier you will need to hold the device in the correct position and distance from the page so that it is in focus. You can do this by placing the magnifier flat on the page and slowly drawing it towards your eye until the reading material becomes focused. By bringing the magnifier and print together nearer your eye, your field of vision will be maximized.
If the image appears upside down, the magnifier and print are too far away from your eye so you will need to draw them both closer to your eye. Alternatively, hold the magnifier up to your viewing eye, then, looking through the lens, draw the reading material towards 
you until it becomes in focus.

Handheld Optics
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