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The kitchen is the gathering place and heart of any home. Age Well© with a few tips from ELDERLUXE to make your kitchen experiences more positive.

  • Existing cabinets often work fine, however you may need a step stool to help you out... use the right tools for the job!
  • If you need to, invest in lowering the cabinets or, try to manage out of your lower cabinets and drawers- bring items down to your level.
  • "Lazy Susan's" are often helpful, as are drawer organizers to help conserve space for only the essentials and allow you convenient access with less effort.
  • Keep your counters clutter-free to avoid accidents and lost items. Put your small electrics where you can reach them when you need them. No need to showcase them (clutter) on the counter.
  • Make sure you have all the lighting you need.  Under cabinet lighting pucks work well for some tasks but make sure you have sufficient overhead lighting too. If you need to change bulbs ask for help if it means you have to balance yourself while doing it.
  • Do you have all your emergency numbers posted prominently for immediate use?

Consider other helpers and smart aids to daily living like:

  • Smart carts and trolleys lessen your load, are environmentally friendly and provide you with greater freedom to move about and manage your activities while shopping and on the way to your home.
  • Use smart tools like jar openers.
  • Create food storage that can be frozen to avoid spoilage.
  • Highlight expiration dates and keep older food upfront to use first, to avoid foods going bad.
  • Arthritis? Many tools for the kitchen have been invented for you, see them HERE.

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