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Bath safety products for your home including bath grab bars and safety rails, shower chairs, transfer benches and seating and other aids to daily living are important for you to consider for your home or wherever one is aging independently in place.

Living in our home as we age and transition into advanced years, we have to look out for ourselves and others to ensure optimum safety.  As we all know, the bathroom results in the most domestic accidents...Accidents that could perhaps be easily avoided with simple modifications, added appointments and bath safety updates. All can allow you to live independently with comfort and confidence.  Here are a few ideas for bathroom safety to keep in mind:

  • Grab Bars and Safety Rail installations are now stylish accessories for the home
    Losing your balance can be catastrophic, especially if you flail and grab at objects nearest to you that might not hold your weight, contain sharp protrusions or worse... Imagine grabbing a sliding shower door or a towel bar, for example, shards of glass and projectiles that appear to be handhold's might actually cause you harm. Keep you or your loved one confident by installing grab bars  in the tub or shower wall, on either side of the toilet and even on the wall next to the bath tub or shower. When properly installed, a grab bar will support your full weight and stop you from falling. Safety rails provide an important function in any home bathroom.
  • Prevent slipping both in and out of your shower bath
    Bath tubs and showers often cause falls in the bathroom, as they are slippery when wet. Use a non-slip shower mat or apply non-skid tape or treads to the bottom of your bath tub or shower. Also utilize non-slip easy grip mats outside of the bath or shower so you exit with care as well!  Finally consider non-slip slippers for the bath and around the home. Especially those that dry quickly and ensure you walk comfortably and safely from bath to bedroom.
  • Consider a shower chair: for safety and comfort!
    It's quite obvious that sitting in a shower chair or bath tub would be safer than standing on your feet.  Of course it's less tiring, but ultimately you just have more control in a bath or shower chair. Options range from a small bath stool (for tight shower spaces) to a bath transfer bench that make it easier to get in and out of the tub.
  • Handheld shower head, not just a luxury- a true safety accessory
    With a handheld shower head, you can easily cleanse yourself and rinse off with no need for standing or moving around underneath the shower. The flexible hose allows you to move the handheld shower head where needed, and you can control the spray settings for your comfort.
  • Adjust your water heater's temperature.
    The water temperature should never exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water gets too hot, it can scald the skin. As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive but we are not always able to detect changes in temperature. Lowering the water heater temperature also prevents those of us with arthritic hands or poor grip strength from accidentally turning the water on too hot.
  • Install easy-to-turn & grab handles in the bath, shower and sink.
    Some faucets are difficult for seniors with arthritic hands to use. Replace handles with those which are easy to grip and use. Turning "tools" also exist as temporary solutions. Lever handle faucets are easier to use than handles that require gripping and turning, pulling or twisting. Make sure your handles that you choose visibly indicate directions for hot and cold water temperature.

These are all terrific first steps in bath safety ensuring that you age well, independently and comfortably in your own home for years to come. 

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Bath Safety for aging adults and senior citizens
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