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Serene Innovations TV SoundBox
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Serene Innovations TV SoundBox
  • Serene Innovations TV SoundBox
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Serene Innovations TV SoundBox
3 Reviews
Love this device
By Knip
Mar 06, 2019

My wife and I are beginning to have hearing loss. This device solved two problems for us. 1. We live in a house where our living room and kitchen are one large room. Often times, we are watching the TV in our living room, while in the kitchen 25 feet away. In order to hear the TV, we had to increase the volume to an uncomfortable level in the house. This is especially undesirable when I want to watch the morning news and my wife is trying to sleep in. 2. We were missing lines spoken in shows we were watching. Often the lines were critical to the plot or story. Missing lines or misunderstanding lines was ruining the enjoyment of watching TV. This device delivered the sound to the table between our chairs or into the kitchen and renewed our enjoyment of watching our TV. In the summer, I often take the device outside to have a cigar and watch a ballgame through the large sliding doors. I have recommended this device to several friends and they all have purchased it and love it!

still liking this
By mary
Aug 19, 2016

i purchased this in May and now have found more ways to use. Can carry the soundbox with me when I am in the kitchen. this way can listen and not watch have to watch while chopping. Have taken the box when leaving the room. While not having to miss any of the dialogue.

good to hear
By mary
May 15, 2016

I purchased this speaker for myself. Once I connected this to the cable box. Then put it by my side on the table. Was able to hear as if the sound was coming through the TV and not right next to my ear. This way I do not have to use the Direct Talk head phones and waste the batteries. Pleased that I purchased this device.

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Sereonic Wireless TV Speaker

Price: $155.99 On Sale $129.95

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Sereonic Wireless TV Speaker with Improved Sound 

Make muffled dialogue, missed words and too-loud TV volumes a thing of the past.The Sereonic wireless TV speaker listening system is completely wireless so you can even listen to your show in other rooms, inside and outside the home. The Serene Innovations TV SoundBox brings crystal clear stereo sound from the TV directly to you, without wires. A convenient handle allows you to take the TV SoundBox receiver with you as you continue listening, wherever you go.


  • High-fidelity speaker delivers loud, lifelike sound.
  • Adjustable Voice Enhancement makes each word fully intelligible.
  • Volume control works independently from your TV.
  • Tone control.
  • Transmitter connects to the headphone or audio ports of your TV, cable box or music system.
  • Headset port.
  • Add up to 50 SoundBox receivers for each base.
  • Up to 8 hours of use with built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Range of over 100 feet.


  • Wireless receiver (speaker).
  • Transmitter base.
  • Audio cord.
  • AC adapter.

Easy to connect:


  • Volume control-independent of your TV.
  • Tone control.
  • Headset port.
  • Add up to 50 SoundBox receivers for each base.
  • Up to 8 hours of use with built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Range of over 100 feet.
  • Frequency: RF (radio frequency), 2.4 GHz.

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