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LEKI® Super Micro Travel Cane
On Sale
LEKI® Super Micro Travel Cane
  • LEKI® Super Micro Travel Cane
  • Expandable Super MICRO
  • LEKI® Super Micro Travel Cane
  • LEKI® Super Micro Travel Cane
LEKI® Super Micro Travel Cane
3 Reviews
By Bonnie M.
Aug 31, 2016

I am very impressed with your cane. It has preformed wonderfully for my needs. It is light weight and easy to use. It has the telescoping feature I was wanting. Many people asked me about the walking cane and it's features when they saw it. I am enthusiastically recommending it and your workmanship.

Leki Super Micro
By apan
Nov 01, 2015

This is my first purchased cane and I purchased it shortly before I left on a three week trip with the expectation that I would need to collapse it for travel. I didn't have to collapse it but use it I did, every day, walking many miles and multiple steps. The cane served me very well.

Best Cane I've Ever Had
By Diana
Jun 04, 2013

I bought my first Leki cane from Elder Luxe some years ago, and I now have the new Super Micro Travel Cane. It is strong, light, attractive and easy to use. No other cane I have ever tried is its equal.

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Leki Super Micro Adjustable Travel Cane

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A small, versatile and sporty travel walking stick.

The LEKI Super Micro walking cane is a lighter, more compact version of the Wanderfreund walking cane from LEKI. 

The Super Micro stands out in the single-staff lineup due to its very small pack size of just 46 cm (18 in). High-quality components such as the (SLS) Super Lock System and an AergoMed grip make both long and short trips comfortable and secure. A clean and super functional design rounds out the overall appearance of this walking pole. The Super Micro is constructed of light and durable HTS 6.5 aluminum. This pole is sure to be around for the long haul. The Super Micro is easily adjustable betwen 46 cm - 90 cm. The Super Micro comes with a carbide tip for natural environments and a rubber tip for use in urban/indoor environments. Note: New Look for the Super Micro in 2023

The Leki Super Micro cane is not your average cane, it is a sporty model traditionally used for Alpine hiking made by the leader in high performance walking sticks, nordic sticks and ski poles; now repurposed as an attractive alternative to boring institutional walking canes.

This updated model includes the Super Lock System, which means stronger pole joints, no slippage, and simple adjustment. For storage, it compacts down to a mere 18 inches and extends to 35 inches. The AergoMED grip is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and stress and to give the greatest control. Whether you prefer to grip it with palm on top, side, or bottom, the control is remarkable.

  • AERGOMED Grip - LEKI's latest innovation, AERGON (air + Ergonomics) technology produces this trendsetting grip - the lightest in LEKI history.
    • Revolutionary, edgeless outer shape can be either palmed or grasped at the neck, for a variety of gripping options.
    • Rubberized and dimpled top provides a comfortable, textured grip.
    • Large support area on top for a secure hold.
    • Extremely lightweight shell cavity construction.
    • Integrated wrist strap.
  • Super Lock System (SLS) - The Super Lock System (SLS) provides optimum lock with less tightening torque, 3-6 turns. The holding force is more than 60 times more secure than other locking systems when properly adjusted.
    • Easy to use.
    • Requires the lowest amount of torque (hand strength) to securely lock pole adjustment.
    • Quick locking mechanism requires just 3-6 twists.
    • Highest holding force in TÜV testing > 140 kg per pole.
    • High locking force with 360° "back turn security".
  • Interchangeable Basket System - Allows quick and easy attachment and removal of LEKI® Performance or Snowflake Baskets. No basket included, but available as an accessory.
  • Universal Carbide Flextip - The flexible tip can bend up to 30° without damaging the pole shafts. The use of Carbide provides optimal grip on rock and ice surfaces.  Removable and replaceable rubber tip for indoor and urban use.

LEKI USA is always written in capital letters because it is an acronym - LEKI is pronounced, "Lake-ee". LE are the first two letters of the owner's last name, Klaus Lenhart, and KI is from the location of the company, Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. This information will help you win trivia contests; we suggest you donate your winnings to your favorite Outdoor Industry Association non-profit agency.

THE LEGEND OF LEKI and their walking canes, poles and sticks - LEKI, the world's leading manufacturer of ski, hiking and trekking poles, had its start in Kircheim, Germany as a hobby of its founder, Karl Lenhart, an airframe mechanic and avid skier. Lenhart believed aluminum would make a superior ski pole compared to the heavy steel models available in the late 1940's. After successfully creating light-weight poles for his friends, in 1954, the hobby became a full time business.

LEKI originated the use of nylon webbing for straps and created plastic molded grips and baskets in place of metal and leather. Additionally, Lenhart developed an aluminum tempering process that produces pole shafts with incomparable strength, durability, and reliability.

In 1984, Klaus Lenhart, Karl's son, assumed leadership and shortly thereafter developed the first dual-component grip. He is also responsible for improving adjustable pole-locking technology and grip innovations such as the Trigger "Click-In" system and COR-TEC, a material made of real cork and latex.

As the ski market continued to flourish, LEKI began manufacturing hiking poles primarily for European mountain guides. The concept of using two poles as a means of relieving stress on knee joints and the lower back appealed to climbers who also saw benefits in performance and safety. LEKI poles eventually caught on with the general hiking and trekking population that recognized and appreciated the preventive health benefits as well as the climbing support and stabilizing effects. In 1990, LEKI USA was incorporated.

The North American market has embraced the company's line of alpine, Nordic, back country, mountaineering, Nordic walking, and trekking poles. Like their European counterparts who have been loyal to LEKI for nearly five decades, North American outdoor enthusiasts know and appreciate LEKI quality and value.


  • Series Unisex
  • Grip AergoMED
  • Segments 3 sections
  • Shaft Diameter 18|16|14 mm
  • Locking System SLS
  • Basket Micro
  • Tip Carbide Flex Tip|Rubber Walking Tip
  • Pack Size 46 cm
  • Length/Size 66-90 cm
  • Weight/pole 215 grams
  • Lifetime warranty on the LEKI® Super Micro shaft, which covers breakage only.
  • Does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • Does not cover Tips, Grips, Baskets, Straps, Expanders or Sleeves. 
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