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Access™ Active® Rollator with FREE Backrest

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On Sale PLUS FREE Backrest with Purchase
of the Access Rollator: $50 Value!


The Access® Active™  Rollator is ready to roll with you.

The Active™  Rollator from Access® challenges you to find a more friendly or versatile walker anywhere. This is a heavy duty rollator ready to travel with you all over the world, wherever you journey.  Don't sit inside your home and watch the world go by...participate!  With its sleek Scandinavian styling, this re-imagineering of the walker-rollator breaks the mindset. This rollator is the ideal blend of design and functionality. The Access ™ Active ® is the perfect companion for either a stroll outdoors, or a journey into the urban jungle of your local supermarket.

The Active™ Access® Rollator is a best-seller and a "Founder's Favorite". With our FREE Shipping AND FREE Backrest, you'll find no better deal elsewhere.



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ELDERLUXE presents a wonderful collection of unique Walkers, Rollators and other walking equipment. These assistive aids help in rehabilitating injured users and to allow users with more temporary or permanent disabilities the ability to move more independently. With or without wheels, walkers and rollators will give users more freedom to travel where and when they wish.  You will find our selection of brands like Etac, Trionic, Active Access, Volaris, Standers, Dolomite, Medline and Drive to fit your individual needs for a walker or rollator.

Walkers with & without wheels

This is the standard walker you see everyday. Built with telescoping aluminum supports, the standard walker is a great way for individuals with injuries or disabilities to get around. Better support than a rollator. Rollators (Rolling Walkers)

A rollator is basically a standard walker with tires attached. Unlike a regular walker, a rollator doesn’t involve the lift that a normal walker requires. Makes walking a smoother process. A rollator however requires that the user be stable enough to not let it get away from them since it has rolling wheels.

Knee walkers can be utilized by individuals that have an injury in one leg. They are a perfect alternative to crutches and allow an individual to move without pain or difficulty.

Choosing a Walker or Rollator

Before purchasing a walker, rollator, or other walking aid be sure to keep these considerations in mind.

Height of the user– If the walking aid is too low, it will encourage bad posture. Make sure to purchase with this in mind. Many walking aids have the ability to adjust for height considerations.

Weight of the user– If the walking aid can’t support the user than it is virtually useless. Make sure to verify the maximum weight capacity.

Handgrips– Most walking aids have either molded plastic or foam rubber handgrips. Some handgrips can be adjusted to the users preference. There are also options in handgrips that are specifically designed to spread weight over a wider area of the palm.

3 Legged Frames– Three leg frames allow for greater maneuverability but are less stable than 4 legged frames. Great for getting through smaller spaces.

4 Legged Frames – Four leg frames are more stable allowing the user to maneuver through tougher terrain. Since they are bulkier, they may not be good for tight spaces. Good for individuals that go outside.

Wheels(for rollators) – The wheels of your rollator can be large or small. The larger they are the easier it is to get over tougher obstacles. Smaller wheels are more suited for indoor use. Wheels can also be fixed or have a swivel.

Brakes (for rollators)– There are three types of breaks in a rollator. Pressure, cable, and locking. They all have good points and bad. Make sure to ask your supplier for information on the strengths and weaknesses of each type.

Indoor vs Outdoor – Two walkers may be the answer. A rollator for outdoor use and a standard walker for indoor. If you have separate levels to your house or apartment you may also consider getting one for each flour.

The key to better mobility and safety is correctly matching the walking aid to the user’s needs, abilities, limitations, and environment.


  • Quick and easy tool free height adjustment-from 32 to 39 in (82 to 98 cm) to fit anyone from 5 ft (150cm) to 6 ft 4 in (195 cm).
  • Large 10 in (25 cm) front wheels roll easily over all terrain inside or out-area rugs, curbs, thresholds and garden paths are no longer a problem.
  • Easy height adjustable seat-the first walker to have a 4 position quick and easy to adjust seat with optional backrest.
  • Comfortable seat-16 x 9.5 in (40 x 24 cm).
  • Stands when folded-lift one easy lever to fold the Active Walker up and it remains standing.
  • Handy removable basket-under seat basket provides easy to access protected storage for purchases, handbags, newspapers or books.
  • Visibility-safety is a concern and the Active Walker has reflectors in the handles and reflective tape on the frame for all round visibility.
  • Advanced braking system-this patented system puts safety first with hidden cables and maintenance free self adjusting brakes, no matter what height you set.
  • Curb Climber-this built in lift aid makes it easy to get over curbs and thresholds.  
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame: weighs less than 20 lb (9 kg).
  • Handle Height:  32 to 39 in (82 to 98 cm).
  • Width: 24 in (60 cm).
  • Width Between Handles: 17.8 in ( 45 cm).
  • Seat-16 x 9.5 in (40 x 24 cm).
  • Weight Capacity:  265 lb (120 kg).
  • Size (w x l x h): 24 x 33 x 32-39 in (60 x 84 x 82-98 cm).
  • Size Folded (w x l x h): 24 x 20 x 39 in (60 x 50 x 98 cm).
  • Ships fully assembled: except accessories/options.


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