Age Well

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Dressing oneself is a critical component of independent living, active aging and the ability to age well. From pocket dressing aids, to long handled reachers with hooks, we have a number of products that make your lifestyle more comfortable and complete with regard to getting oneself ready when dressing.

Pocket Dresser™ Portable Dressing Aid
Color Options
  • Red
  • Blue
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etac AKTIV Reacher with Hooks
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HEWI LifeSystem Adjustable Mirror
Color Options
  • White
  • Ruby Red
  • Burgundy
  • Steel Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Lilac Blue
  • Yellow
  • Dark Grey
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etac® SOCKY Stocking Aid
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Vista Wooden extra-length Carved Shoehorn
Color Options
  • Scorched Cherry
  • Walnut
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The Essential and Complete Hip Kit
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fashionable walking canes for men and women
ELDERLUXE Gift Certificate for seniors
Bath Safety for aging adults and senior citizens