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Doro® HandleEasy 321rc Remote
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Doro® HandleEasy 321rc Remote
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Doro HandleEasy 321RC Universal Remote

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Easy to hold and use, STILL the simply perfect remote control

The doro® HandleEasy 321rc universal remote control is specially designed for people who have limited dexterity or with arthritis like conditions. It is very comfortable to hold and makes changing the channel or adjusting the volume on the TV or stereo quite simple.

Emphasis is on control, in this Doro RC

With large black buttons on a white background, this remote is also a great gadget for low vision sufferers. The HandleEasy 321rc works together with your equipment by being "taught" by your existing remote controls. Easy to read instructions show you step by step how to program your new remote. No need for programming codes.

  • The world's easiest remote control
  • 7 programmable keys
  • Learning function: Learns from current remotes-no programming codes needed
  • Possible to learn from multiple remotes
  • Compatibility with RC5/RC6 IR equipment-includes dual command support
  • AAA batteries included 
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