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LEKI PhotoSystem Carbon SpeedLock Walking Stick and Monopod

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PhotoSystem: Advanced Carbon Stick with video/photo monopod!

The LEKI® PhotoSystem Carbon SpeedLock Walking Stick is a fantastic innovation for walkers and hikers worldwide.  For balance and mobile assistance, this LEKI doubles as both a walking stick and a photographer's/videographer's monopod.

Quickly adjustable from 27.2 - 66.9 inches (69-170 cm), the LEKI's Speedlock clamps tightly for safe and secure use.

This lightweight carbon fiber walking stick makes a great gift too!


The handle on the LEKI® Photo Carbon SpeedLock unlocks and twists off to expose a mount for a camera or camcorder. Instead of relying on the steadiness of your hand to capture some epic backcountry shots, let the camera mount do the heavy lifting.

The versatile SpeedLock system allows for a various uses. Adjust it to the traditional walking stick length or shorten it so it fits under your palm, and use it like a cane.

  • Photo System Grip -  Designed for the photographer inside of you! Remove the AERGON grip to expose a monopod mount for your camera or camcorder.
  • AERGON Grip - The first grip designed specifically for trekking and touring. The large support area on top of the grip ensures a secure hold, while the edgeless design offers a variety of comfortable, secure, ergonomic gripping options.
  • BioTec2 - Extremely lightweight handle construction, with an integrated, easily adjustable, security strap.
  • SpeedLock Locking System - SpeedLock is a completely new system using unique design features to achieve the high locking force and adjustment security that is up to 10 times stronger than other external locks. The red locking lever is a readily identifiable feature of LEKI's new super-fast adjustment technology. The SpeedLock mechanism offers the highest locking force of any external adjustment system on the market, far exceeding the TÜV standard. The simple and easy to use mechanism adjusts quickly and securely even when wearing gloves or when used in rain, ice or snow. Fast, Easy and Reliable.
    • Integrated stainless steel pressure plate allows the red locking lever to apply a vice-like grip on the shaft section to be locked.
    • The fiberglass reinforced polyamide lock mechanism resists stretching unlike other external locks, so SpeedLock poles can be shipped and stored in the locked position without reducing the strength or integrity of the locking strength.
    • The easily accessible "Speed Dial" can be adjusted to provide more locking power (if needed) in extreme conditions.     
  • Interchangable Basket System - Allows quick and easy attachment and removal of LEKI® Snowflake or Performance Baskets. No basket included, but available as an accessory
  • Universal Carbide Flextip - The flexible tip can bend up to 30° without damaging the pole shafts. The use of Carbide provides optimal grip on rock and ice surfaces.  Removable and replaceable rubber tip for indoor and urban use.


  • Handle: AERGON grip with a large support area on top of the grip and edgeless design which offers a variety of comfortable, secure, ergonomic gripping options.
  • Shaft: 100% high modulus carbon: lightweight with ample swing speed.
  • Length: Adjustable from 27.2 - 66.9 inches (69-170 cm)
  • SpeedLock System: Easy, quick and secure height adjustment
  • Weight: 11.9 oz (approximately)
  • Tip: Carbide Flextip with removable rubber tip
  • Finish: Clear varnish
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lb.
  • 1 year warranty on the LEKI® Photo Carbon shaft, which covers breakage only.
  • Does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • Does not cover Tips, Grips, Baskets, Straps, Expanders or Sleeves.

TREKKING 101 - Trekking, sometimes referred to as hiking, is an outdoor activity that can take you to the highest mountain or around the local park. Adventure seekers who climb the world’s tallest mountains, casual day hikers who follow a well-defined relatively flat path and active people looking for added support after surgery all benefit from the added balance and stability of LEKI poles. Using Trekking Poles helps distribute weight evenly and absorbs added shock to your knees and back when traveling different terrain.

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