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Wanderfreund Speedlock
Wanderfreund Speedlock
  • Wanderfreund Speedlock
  • LEKI® Wanderfreund SpeedLock Cane
Wanderfreund Speedlock

LEKI Wanderfreund SPEEDLOCK Adjustable Cane

Price: $79.95

Wanderfreund Speedlock

With the 'Wanderfreund Speed Lock 2', you'll get a refined hiking aid. With the Speed Lock 2 external adjustment system and high-strength aluminum, this walking pole is always a reliable companion. Thanks to its edge-free ergonomic form; the AergoMed grip offers a safe and comfortable support function.

Cane with a quick adjustable height.

The LEKI Wanderfreund SpeedLock is great for anyone with a need for speed. The Wanderfreund SpeedLock allows quick and easy height adjustment and storing.


The LEKI Wanderfreund SpeedLock is engineered like no other. Designed for European touring and walking, this compact single staff "walking friend" features a unique comfort/ergonomic grip for an ease in handling with maximum support, plus the new SpeedLock system for optimal performance and ease of use.

  • AERGOMED Grip - LEKI's latest innovation, AERGON (air + Ergonomics) technology produces this trendsetting grip - the lightest in LEKI history.
  • Revolutionary, edgeless outer shape can be either palmed or grasped at the neck, for a variety of gripping options.
  • Rubberized and dimpled top provides a comfortable, textured grip.
  • Large support area on top for a secure hold.
  • Extremely lightweight shell cavity construction.
  • Integrated wrist strap.
  • SpeedLock System - Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length. 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 20% higher holding force - at least.
  • Interchangeable Basket System - Allows quick and easy attachment and removal of LEKI┬« Snowflake or Performance Baskets. No basket included, but available as an accessory.
  • Universal Carbide Flextip - The flexible tip can bend up to 30┬░ without damaging the pole shafts. The use of Carbide provides optimal grip on rock and ice surfaces.  Removable and replaceable rubber tip for indoor and urban use.
  • Series:  Single Staff
  • Construction:  Adjustable
  • Grip:  Aergomed
  • Segments:  3-pieces
  • Shaft:  Diameter 18|16|14 mm
  • Shaft:  Material Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
  • Upper Section:  Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
  • Lower Section:  Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
  • Locking System:  Speed Lock 2
  • Tip:  Flex Tip (Short)
  • Rubber Pads:  Rubber Tip Trekking
  • Length/Size:  63 - 120 cm Infinitely adjustable
  • Adjustment area:  63 - 120 cm
  • Weight:   9.0 oz / pole 254 grams / pole without rubber tip
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