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Trionic Veloped Trek 12er and 14er

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Trek Veloped from Trionic treks with you on all-terrain.

Load up your Trionic Trek All-Terrain Walker and head for exciting adventures. It has a multitude of storage options for your gear. This Trionic Veloped, the Trek All-Terrain Walker allows those with more limited mobility challenges the thrill of hiking and walking more rugged topography.  Like the SUV of the auto world, this is a specialty vehicle, especially engineered to provide optimal performance in the off-road setting. With your Trionic Veloped Trek Walker you won't have to worry about the terrain defeating your equipment. 

With dual wheel technology and special knobby tires, the Trionic Trek All-Terrain Veloped provides adequate defenses to guide you through the rockiest terrain.  A cushioned handle absorbs shock efficiently. Webbed seating provides a wonderful respite when you decide it's time to take a few minutes to just soak in your environment.

Many enjoy the durability of this rugged walker; be it in the rainforest or urban jungle!

NOTE: Trionic products are custom built on order, as a result this item is non-returnable.

NOTE to California residents

You will be required to pay an additional 9% tax on this Trionic item imposed by the State of California Board of Equalization on internet retailers shipping from in-state warehouse to CA residents.

Regardless of your choice of activity, the Trionic Walker will be your faithful supporter when you go
walking, exercising, shopping, hiking or golf playing.  Through its unique design it promotes physical activity and quality of life.  The Trionic Walker has been developed at the Royal Technical Institute in Sweden. Trionic offers you superior support and comfort when walking outdoors. Contrary to a conventional rollator it gives you fantastic access to any outdoor environment and enables you to be physically active at a very high degree.  The Trionic Walker is designed with a focus on walking outdoors in the most extreme of landscape.

The patented climbing wheel, 3-wheel design and air-filled tires work in unison for a totally new walking experience. It climbs curbs and other obstacles with ease and turns cobblestones, gravel, grass, snow and off-road trails into pure pleasure instead of a bumpy and unpleasant venture.

The height can of course be adjusted to suit users of different sizes. To make transport easy, the Trionic Walker can be folded together and also partly dismounted. A hub brake with motion and parking brake functions provides increased safety and causes minimal tire wear.  The Trionic Walker has an ergonomic grip bar that offers several grip positions, and while seated it acts as
a back support. When the seat is slid forward it provides more walking space, and in combination with the shape of the grip bar the tendency to walk with a more upright posture increases.  And looking cool when out walking doesn’t hurt. The Trionic Walker has been awarded as winner of the
Swedish design award “Aluminum Design”, founded by the Swedish aluminum industry.

Go Trionic Walking:

It’s a great way to improve your fitness and burn more calories while enjoying the outdoors. If you are in need of walking support, it’s the perfect choice for an active lifestyle.  We call it Trionic Walking - a fun and easy way to exercise that everyone can take part in, regardless of age or physical ability. With Trionic Walking you’ll make quick progress on your way to a healthier and longer life.

Trionic Walking relies on the specially designed Trionic Walker. Exercising should always be fun and there are different versions of the Trionic Walker for your choice of activity; fitness walking, golfing, hiking, hunting, traveling and comfortable city living.

Trionic Walking Offers You Several Advantages:

Greatly reduced impact and stress on your ankles, knees, hips and back

  • Excellent support, safety and comfort while you are exercising
  • Increased heart rate and improved training effect by including your upper body
  • Increased energy consumption compared to regular walking
  • Lots of fresh air and our beautiful nature as your new playground

Positive Health Effects:

•Walking for a total of 30 minutes a day meets a doctors’ recommendations for physical activity
•Daily physical activity is the single most important measure to stay healthy and live longer
•Moderate exercise like walking helps protect the body from many illnesses and conditions, including heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, overweight and the most common type of diabetes and many cancers
•When setting the goal to reach the habit to walk 30 minutes daily, initially this doesn’t have to be done in one walk
•Starting out gently you can divide it into two or three walks
•Always remember, every single step counts. 

ELDERLUXE presents a wonderful collection of unique Walkers, Rollators and other walking equipment. These assistive aids help in rehabilitating injured users and to allow users with more temporary or permanent disabilities the ability to move more independently. With or without wheels, walkers and rollators will give users more freedom to travel where and when they wish.  You will find our selection of brands like Etac, Trionic, Access Active and Breeze, Volaris, Standers, Dolomite (including this bariatric designed Maxi+), Medline and Drive to fit your individual needs for a walker or rollator.

Walkers with & without wheels

This is the standard walker you see everyday. Built with telescoping aluminum supports, the standard walker is a great way for individuals with injuries or disabilities to get around. Better support than a rollator. Rollators (Rolling Walkers)

A rollator is basically a standard walker with tires attached. Unlike a regular walker, a rollator doesn’t involve the lift that a normal walker requires. Makes walking a smoother process. A rollator however requires that the user be stable enough to not let it get away from them since it has rolling wheels.

Knee walkers can be utilized by individuals that have an injury in one leg. They are a perfect alternative to crutches and allow an individual to move without pain or difficulty.

Choosing a Walker or Rollator

Before purchasing a walker, rollator, or other walking aid be sure to keep these considerations in mind.

Height of the user– If the walking aid is too low, it will encourage bad posture. Make sure to purchase with this in mind. Many walking aids have the ability to adjust for height considerations.

Weight of the user– If the walking aid can’t support the user than it is virtually useless. Make sure to verify the maximum weight capacity.

Handgrips– Most walking aids have either molded plastic or foam rubber handgrips. Some handgrips can be adjusted to the users preference. There are also options in handgrips that are specifically designed to spread weight over a wider area of the palm.

3 Legged Frames– Three leg frames allow for greater maneuverability but are less stable than 4 legged frames. Great for getting through smaller spaces.

4 Legged Frames – Four leg frames are more stable allowing the user to maneuver through tougher terrain. Since they are bulkier, they may not be good for tight spaces. Good for individuals that go outside.

Wheels(for rollators) – The wheels of your rollator can be large or small. The larger they are the easier it is to get over tougher obstacles. Smaller wheels are more suited for indoor use. Wheels can also be fixed or have a swivel.

Brakes (for rollators)– There are three types of breaks in a rollator. Pressure, cable, and locking. They all have good points and bad. Make sure to ask your supplier for information on the strengths and weaknesses of each type.

Indoor vs Outdoor – Two walkers may be the answer. A rollator for outdoor use and a standard walker for indoor. If you have separate levels to your house or apartment you may also consider getting one for each flour.

The key to better mobility and safety is correctly matching the walking aid to the user’s needs, abilities, limitations, and environment.


With its versatile seat bag and backpack, the Trionic Trek Hiking Walker is your perfect companion for:

  • Backcountry hiking
  • Summer camping
  • Adventure Travelling
  • Hunting

The seat bag snaps onto the seat, and is easily folded forward when you want to sit down for a break. It has 3 separate inner compartments, with plenty of room for your camera, maps, your valuables and a water bottle or thermos. The seat bag can also be carried as a shoulder bag, and it has a padded detachable strap.  One zippered outer compartment and two mesh pockets swallow your smaller items. A top elastic cord holds any extras.The backpack fits nicely into the basket, and with a full-length zip you have easy access to the main compartment.

The shoulder straps can be hidden in a stove-away pocket and there is the small top zippered pocket and a sleeve for head phones. In addition there is a zippered outer compartment and two mesh side pockets that fit two water bottles. Both seat bag and backpack are made from sturdy 600D polyester, with reflective lining for safety when walking in traffic at night.

Through its unique design the Trionic promotes an active quality of life.  To allow the needed access to urban and outdoor environments, Trionic has developed the Trionic Climbing Wheel™. This unique technology provides several advantages; curb and obstacle climbing, a shock absorbing suspension and dual-mode handling control. In combination with it's 3-wheel design and 12 inch tires, the Trionic achieves superior maneuverability and uncompromising support.


The Trionic Trek Walker Uniquely Features:

  • 2 Color Choices:   Navy / Black / Yellow, Green / Black Orange
  • Basket with zip-pocket and rain cover
  • Seat / Shoulder Bag
  • Backpack / Basket Bag

The Trionic Features:

•Trionic Climbing Wheel™ – with climbing/suspension function.
•Dual Mode Setting: Urban for maneuvering; Terrain for stability
•Motion and parking brake.
•Removable 12 inch all-terrain tires with quick-release wheels
•Detachable seat cover made from a durable, water-resistant fabric that is washable.
•Detachable basket has a zippered compartment for valuables, perfect for a wallet, keys or a small handbag
•Oversized frame of welded T-6 Aluminum for reduced weight with greater rigidity

Trionic Climbing Wheel™:

The Trionic is equipped with the Trionic Climbing Wheel™, a feature that greatly increases the ability to overcome different kinds of obstacles. By spreading the load over two wheels, slightly displaced lengthwise, the climbing sequence is divided into two steps. The climbing capacity is furthermore enhanced through an angled link arm that uses the pushing force provided by the user. This gives the wheel a unique feature, the capacity to climb a 5 inch high curb. When climbing a 1.3 inch high obstacle, the amount of force needed is only 1/8 of the force that a single wheel of an equal diameter requires. The moving link arm also provides a suspending function. The suspension turns the outdoor walk into pure pleasure.

All Terrain or Urban-Dual Mode:

The wheel can be dually adjusted according to the environment and terrain. For easy turning and maneuvering use city-mode, where the front wheel is lifted, while retaining climbing capacity. In terrain-mode the wheel provides shock absorbsion, climbing capacity and increased direction stability, perfect for a hike or workout.

3 Wheel Design:

The Trionic Walker’s 3-wheel design results in constant ground contact, even on uneven surfaces. The “shopping cart-syndrome”, with rising and spinning wheels, is effectively avoided. The advantages are apparent on cobblestone, gravel, grass, snow and any other outdoor environment.


•Length: 40.2 in (102 cm)
•Width: 30 in (76 cm)
•Height: 30-37 in (76–94 cm)
•Weight: 26 lb (11.8 kg)
•Seat height: 24 in (62 cm)
•Seat depth: 9.8 in (25 cm)
•Wheel size: 12 in (31 cm)
•Max user weight: 330 lb (150 kg)


•Length: 41.7 in (106 cm)
•Width: 16.5 in (42 cm)
•Height: 30 in (76 cm)

Folded, Wheels Removed:

•Length: 33 in (84 cm)
•Width: 16.5 in (42 cm)
•Height: 23.2 (59 cm)
•Weight: 15.3 lb (6.9 kg)

Trionic warrants all original parts on the Veloped for a period of two years from the date of purchase.
In addition, Trionic warrants the Veloped aluminium main frame to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years.
The above warranties are limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame or defective part and is the sole remedy of the warranty. Claims under this warranty should be accompanied by a photo of the defective part, a description of the defect, the serial number of the Veloped, and a copy of the original purchase receipt. This warranty only covers Velopeds purchased directly from Trionic, or through an authorized Veloped dealer.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper assembly or follow-up maintenance, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the Veloped as sold, damage or failure due to accident, misuse or neglect, or modification of the frame or components.
This warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.
If the replacement of a defective part requires a skilled mechanic, or person authorized by Trionic to perform repairs, Trionic will contact a bicycle dealer, or a mobility shop, in the vicinity of the customer's home address in order to get the part/component replaced. The costs of the repair will be born by Trionic.
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