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Mobility Aids

Four tips, one walking cane, means more stability.

Quad tip canes are often requested by people who need a walking aid for medical reasons, be that chronic issues or shorter-term rehabilitation requirements for enhanced stability and balance.

Offering a superior level of performance "Quad Canes" utilize a four-pronged base of tips allowing you to walk with greater confidence.  The quad tip cane is especially useful when traversing across sloping, slick or unstable areas where greater traction on the ground is imperative. Quad canes are available as: large-base quad canes, small-base quad canes, adjustable quad walking canes and rehab quality canes.

We offer these specialty canes in a variety of fashionable colors and styles.

Quad Tip Canes
CIRCLES Quad Cane by Switch Sticks
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Huntington Quad Cane by Switch Sticks
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Bariatric Quad Tip Cane
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Quad tip Adjustable Cane with Palm Grip
Color Options
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Silver
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Bath Safety for aging adults and senior citizens
ELDERLUXE Gift Certificate for seniors
fashionable walking canes for men and women