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Sandalwood Pistol Grip Blackthorn Walking stick

Price: $219.00 $179.99
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United Kingdom

Sandalwood Pistol Grip finds comfort above the Blackthorn
A walking stick for the ages

Nothing ordinary about this one, this is one extremely smart rustic stick for the connoisseurs of such things. The sturdy shaft is made from the highly sought-after blackthorn wood (of shillelagh origins), fitted with a dark, very refined sandalwood handle in the comfortable, offset "pistolgrip" knob shape.

Sandalwood is prized for its rich colour and smooth grain, which makes a very attractive and tactile walking stick handle.

  • Fitted with an antiqued brass collar discreetly engraved 'Classic Canes'.
  • Overall height approximately 38" (97cm).
  • On average item weighs approximately just under 1lb (450g) but individual sticks will vary.
  • Fitted with a brass ferrule on bottom for all-terrain considerations, custom cut will necessitate the absence of this feature
  • Bottom diameters will vary according to the individual stick, rubber tip will be provided for correct fit.
  • Includes wrist strap with our compliments
  • Not for orthopedic use; this stick is best suited for balance issues or as an accessory.
  • This type of stick is irregular (Blackthorn) with natural bumps, fissures and natural curvature.All sticks vary, no two are alike, or "perfect"! This is not a milled wood stick.
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