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Genuine Blackthorn Knobstick

3 Reviews
By Mike
Jun 29, 2020

Beautiful more natural finish than the usual black (which i do like). The big symmetrical knob is coloring as i use the stick. When new the knob was a little pale but now the color is deepening and more grain is showing. At 36" this is light enough to function perfectly as a walking stick but plenty stout as well.

Excellent Blackthorn
By Richard SUllivan
Jun 20, 2020

I have had my Blackthorn walking stick for three weeks now and enjoy it. The feel of the head in my hand is taking some getting use to as it is somewhat different in shape from my twenty-five year old stick, bought on Oxford Street when I lived in Hertsfordshire. This stick is thicker and has less "personality" (i.e., the natural burrs/thorns are smoothed down and the finish is rougher and more natural) but is quite strong and well made. I have used it on city streets and in my walks in the high desert of Central New Mexico. The yard-long length is perfect for my stature and also helps to enforce the current COVID19 "social distancing" when other folks try to get too close. I can only hope I last as long as I believe this Blackthorn stick shall. I recommend this without hesitation or equivocation.

Natural Beauty
By Dr. C. E. DeLeon
May 13, 2014

Received the walking cane made in England, and, it's just gorgeous!! Thank you for the selection and your attention to detail in satisfying your customers. I will be referring friends as they admire my Blackthorn!! Again, thanks!!, Dr. DeLeon

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