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Ingrid Cane Holder

3 Reviews
So Glad I Bought This
By Amanda
Jan 11, 2020

I use this on a folding cane and thought, 'Why do I need this when I can just fold the cane?' but bought it anyway. SO GLAD I DID! There are many times I've just hung it from the edge of a table rather than folding it. My disabled husband also uses a cane, and eyed it with a slight gleam of jealousy. We'll be getting one for him as well.

Works well
By Susy
Mar 03, 2014

I hesitated, but it works as described, keeps the cane off the floor, or leaning precariously on a wall. I wish it was all black without the chrome fitting. I'd get another if it was all black.

Quite handy
By LongLastName
Sep 14, 2013

Haven't used it a lot yet, but it appears to be a really nice accessory. Liked the purchase and the process.

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